Health care in stall fed goat farming

Deworming should be a done on regular intervals with different brands & drugs for every once in 3 months. Proper vaccinations should be done periodically.
Goats vaccinations schedule information’s

Types of goat diseases found in most of the goat breeds in India are listed below

Goats bacterial diseases


Symptoms: swelling in udder results obviously the colour of goat milk will be found yellow in colour
Remedies: Keep the shed clean & treat the shed with disinfectant liquids.

2. ET | Enterotoxaemia |

Symptoms: sudden death in goat kids along with mucous diarrhea
Remedies: Avoid feeding young green grass & vaccinate before rainy season starts.

3. Anthrax

Symptoms: Acute fever & sudden death we may notice blood flow from the nose & other outlets
Remedies: affected animals (died) should be immediately buried to stop further spread in their flocks, better vaccinate the goats once in a year.

4. Pneumonia

Symptoms: Frequent coughing & severe fever are recurrent symptoms found in flocks however there is other possible problem in feed intake extremely poor feed intake
Remedies: Provide clean & fresh water to animals & keep the shed dry & clean always. Well, ventilation is required to prevent such kind of diseases in goats.

5. Brucellosis

Symptoms: infertility problems & abortions during late pregnancy & joint swelling are the most widespread diseases found in goats
Remedies: By using hand gloves dispose extinct fetus & placenta of animals

6. Haemorrhagic septicaemia |HS|

Symptoms: The symptoms of this disease causes high fever seen along with intestinal inflammation it leads to death as well this diseases is seen more in rainy seasons
Remedies: It is recommended to vaccinate all the goats once in a year before the rainy seasons.

7.Foot Root

Symptoms: Wounds found in foot of the goats
Remedies: maintain the goat shed in dry conditions due to wetness this disease may occur.

8. FMD

Symptoms: Symptoms of this disease are acute fever & wounds is found in foot & mouth also increased salivary secretion, difficulty in walking.
Remedies: Vaccinate all the goats properly, vaccination should be done in third month subsequently it should be done once in 5 to 6 months intervals

9. PPR|peste des petits ruminants |

Symptoms: fever is found & nasal mucous discharge, mouth lesion & respiratory distress.
Remedies: Affected goats should be isolated from the flock & vaccination should be done once in a year.


9. Bluetongue disease

It is a non-contagious disease it is insect borne viral disease of ruminants, which is mainly found in goats & sheeps, It is caused by the Bluetongue virus (BTV). The virus is transmitted by the midge culicoides imicola, culicoides variipennis and other culicoids.

Symptoms of blue tongue Disease:  Symptoms are high fever, excessive salivation, swelling in the face and tongue and cyanosis of the tongue. Swelling in lips and tongue gives the tongue blue colour in appearance, The sign is confined to a minority of the animals. Nasal signs may be prominent, with nasal discharge and stertorous respiration in goat & sheep.

Treatment & prevention:  it is quarantined & vaccine injection is to be applied for further spread of disease in flocks


Tape worm

Symptoms: Symptoms of this disease are high fever, slow growth in goats & high mortality in goats.
Remedies: Periodic De worming should be done for all the goats in shed

Round worms

Symptoms: This disease causes fever, slower growth rate of animals, anaemia & edema is lower jaws of goats
Remedies: De worm all the animals periodically.


Symptoms: This diseases causes blood motion, watery diarrhea is found leads to anemia & results in sudden death
Remedies: Give bactrisol powder to goats clean the shed regularly & spray ammonia solution 10% concentration diluted with 1 litre water all over the shed.

Fluke infection

Symptoms: symptoms of this disease are anaemia, emaciation & edema in lower jaw.
Remedies: Grazing in early morning & late evening should be avoided regular de worming should be done in periodic intervals

Goat diseases | Ecto parasitic infections |

Lice tick

Symptoms: Skin allergy is found & slow growth rate in animals.
Remedies: Clean the goat shed regularly & keep it dry all the time.

General diseases in goats

Bloat occurs only when young leaves & grass fed to goats also due to un digestible cereals, rotten vegetables & fruits. In this time the stomach of the goats will like balloon might be found like stomach filled with gas can easily identified, diarrhoea occurs & if not diagnosed sudden death occurs
Remedies: give anti bloat tonics mixed with castor oil for a quick remedy.
In digestion: It occurs due to low quality feed, bad water, toxic plants feeding & fungal contaminated feed, often change of feed results in indigestion of goats try to avoid such conditions from indigestion of goats.
Remedies: Try to give lemon water mixed with sugar, Electrol to cure it.

Pregnancy problems

pregnancy toxaemia & abortions are common problems found in female goats during pregnancy period. This is caused by late pregnancy in the last 2 week period this happens when goats carries multiple kids, usually this diseases is caused due to nutritional deficiency & infection problems
Remedies: Repeatedly try to give proper nutrition to animals like supplements on regular basis maintain hygienic atmosphere over the sheds.

General precautions for the goat disease in the goat farming

Some of the diseases & health related problems in goat farming can be ruled out by following these steps listed below
Always buy health goats & vaccinate in periodic intervals before bringing the goats into farms.
Provide clean drinking water & fresh air for goats with proper ventilations.
Clean the shed regularly.
Isolate the sick animals immediately.
Always monitor the goats to detect any abnormalities, their feeding habits & behaviour.
In case of any goat death dispose the dead goat immediately from the flock & burry it far away from the farm
Grazing of animals in early morning & late evening should be avoided
More observations & close monitoring should be done for pregnant & baby goats