Tips for goat farming business

 Start you goat farming with adequate numbers.

 Follow veterinarian advice at regular intervals.

 Do not put the male & female goats together during night time.

 Do not mingle small kids with matured goats.

 Do not purchase too young or too old aged goats.

 Allow bucks to mingle with adult female goats only during mating time.

 Always buy vaccinated goats before entering into your farm.

 A proper arrangement should be made the local veterinarian to keep track your animals every once in a week or 10 days time.

 A proper monitoring should be done.

 Maintain records in goat farming managements & sell your un reproductive, sick or too ages

 goats in your farms as soon as possible you can.

 Maintain the male bucks for 3 years for mating purpose & sell it.

 Replace the male bucks for every once in 3 years for a proper mating

 Always provide clean & fresh water for goats.

Goat Farm Consultation & Training

We provide crystal-clear consultancy, detailed training & End to end solutions for starting a goat & sheep farming business starting from consultation till farm developments.
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How to Setup a goat & sheep farming business

Shanthi livestock farm builders & developers do the complete farm constructions from scratch to end for establishing a new goat farm globally. On contract basis we do farm setup for establishing commercial scientific stall fed goat & sheep farms as a turnkey project professionally.

Investments & profits in goat farming

The goat farming is one of the fastest growing business in India as the demand for goat meat is increasing day by day The investments plans & profits in goat farming depends on many factors, its not such an easy job just by investing on projects alone & being idle. Mutually there should be a proper maintenance, monitoring with latest Researches & updates in markets to the next level of farming technologies.
First of all the farm beginners should decide to do which type of farming is suitable for goat rearing like whether to do goat farming for meat or milk purpose. As there is a tremendous demand for goat meat & milk, Here most of the peoples are showing interest in starting a goat farm among them 90% of the peoples do not think about its investments plans, risks factors & other farm management practices properly before entering into goat farming business. As a beginner majority of the peoples has a proper idea & in depth knowledge, ideas, cost & profits in goat farming. So a proper goat farming business plans is required like where you can get the complete farm setup infrastructures service providers, ideas, training & all the informations from sourcing animals till marketing if everything is done scientifically there are hundreds of buyers to purchase goats around the clock. Goat manure can be sold for a supplemental income, or it can be laid to your own field for the cultivations of fodder crops to enhance the fodder yield like making silage for your own animals therefore reducing the feed costs of animals & increase profits in goat farming.